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Hi, I am a painter from the Philippines. 

I spread paint onto canvas sometimes convulsively, certainly variably, always creatively. 

I paint from life, both physical and intellectual and I also don’t discriminate the brooding from the blissful. 

I am a lively museum curator by day and a, ho-hum, sleep-deprived dark crusader from 3:00 AM to 6:30 AM weekdays. I relish in making art that are not just for your eyes but for other senses and with sensibilities too. I enjoy making art that tickles your mind, some analytical, evocative, enigmatic, and most often splashed with Filipino flavors. 

Aside from the Philippines, my works have found their way to collectors in Australia, Canada, Dubai, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, UK and the USA. 

I have found love again. I believe that I will continue to paint until the day that my bladder can no longer hold my pee; even then, once able to purchase a nice latrine bag, I shall continue; for the love of art.

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